Odell Beckham Jr. reveals his impressions of how Ravens plan to play on offense

Beckham says the Ravens are working on being an explosive offense this coming season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Odell Beckham Jr. reveals his impressions of how Ravens plan to play on offense

Odell Beckham Jr. has indicated that his impression is that the Baltimore Ravens are going to be throwing the ball with Todd Monken as their offensive coordinator. In previous seasons, the Ravens' offense featured a lot of ground attack - not just from their rushers, but also from quarterback Lamar Jackson.

But this offseason, the Ravens made changes to their offense as they signed Beckham and also brought Monken to be their new offensive coordinator. Beckham, who is working on developing chemistry with his new teammates ahead of the start of the season, suggests the Ravens have the talent that could make them an explosive offense in 2023.

Beckham indicates the Ravens will be throwing the ball more in 2023

“I definitely think [Monken] wants to throw the ball, and we’ve got a lot of talented guys. So, I think, just finding ways to get the playmakers the ball in their hands and be an explosive offense — that’s what stands out the most.

As things progress — and obviously, we play in September, [so] we still have some time here to work out the kinks and get each and every play and concept down — I think that this will be a very explosive offense.

It’s an explosive team, as well. But specifically with the offense, I think that’s the goal, is to be explosive," Beckham said. Beckham added the Ravens are trending in the right direction but noted there is always something that can get further improved.

“I think there are always things you can improve on, and that’s just me being a perfectionist — like, I’m always going to say there’s room for improvement. But where we’re at today — at this point, whatever day it is in camp — I think we’re in a good place.

It’s just about, like I say all the time, just getting one percent better each and every day," Beckham said.

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