Myles Garrett, Chris Jones sign new contracts

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Myles Garrett, Chris Jones sign new contracts

There is no crisis "across the pond" At least when it comes to the favorite sport of Americans - football or as Europeans like to say American football. Last week, Patrick Mahomes signed an incredible contract with Kansas until 2031 for 503 million dollars and became the highest-paid athlete in history, more the legends like Floyd Mayweather, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

This caused a big boom in the world of sports. Two more new contracts were signed on Tuesday. This time, the defenders were in the foreground. The sums are not even close to those that Kansas City quarterback got in his contract, but Chris Jones and Miles Garrett became among the highest-paid players in the National Football League in their positions.

Chris Jones and Garrett Myles' new amazing contract

First, Chris Jones, the defensive run of the Chiefs champion team, extended his cooperation with the Super Bowl champion for four years by $ 85,000,000, of which 60,000,000 were guaranteed, and a few hours later it was announced that Myles Garrett, defensive end, had a contract from Cleveland for five years for $ 125 million.

Jones was, along with Tyrone Matthew, one of the best defenders of Kansas in the last championship season. A few months ago, he signed a "franchise tag" (a contract for only one year), but the Chiefs rewarded him with many years of cooperation.

Garrett was the first pick in the 2017 draft and only played the first half last season. In the match against Pittsburgh, he shocked the planet when he hit the head of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolf with a helmet and received a suspension until the end of the championship.

He is the leader of the young Browns team, which could make a boom next season. Of this amount, he was guaranteed $ 50 million. With this contract, Gareth became a defender with the third-largest contract in the NFL. It did not reach the sums received by Aaron Donald (135,000,000 dollars in six years from the Los Angeles Reims) and Caryl Mac (141,000,000 in six years from the Chicago Bears).

However, with an annual salary of 25,000,000 dollars, he became the highest-paid defender in the NFL championship. Many NFL fans believe that this is probably not the smartest move of both clubs and that it could affect their finances.

However, both players are important to the teams and the clubs want to keep them on their roster. Whether this will turn out to be a smart or a bad move we will find out soon when they both step on the field