Dion Dawkins on Bills' 7-2 start: It really doesn't mean anything

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Dion Dawkins on Bills' 7-2 start: It really doesn't mean anything

Buffalo Bills left tackle and captain Dion Dawkins didn't want to get too high on the team's 7-2 start to the season as he wants his team to continue with their "humble and hungry" mentality. In Week 9 on Sunday, the Bills put up a big performance against a Super Bowl contender as they beat the Seattle Seahawks 44-34 to start the season 7-2 for the first time since 1993.

"It really doesn't mean anything. I don't want to compare ourselves to Jim Kelly's era, Thurman Thomas, like, those guys are legends," Dawkins said, per ESPN. "We are far from them. They hold the crown.

They are the kings. But it just shows we are capable of doing whatever we want to do. We have all of the pieces here. And we just have to continue to do things right on and off the field. "It's never perfect. None of us are perfect.

We all make mistakes. But we just have to stay one foot in front of the other and keep climbing and it'll go well for us if we just keep that mentality up."

Bills coach Sean McDermott shared Dawkins' views

The Bills are enjoying a strong start to the season but their coach McDermott wants them to keep working hard and giving their best effort.

"It's just another win, I mean, these are hard to come by as I've said before," McDermott said. "I appreciate the way our players played in all three phases, really complementing one another. "Any win is a great win in the National Football League, but let's be honest, that's a really good football team that we played today and so were the Patriots, don't get me wrong.

It's just this week to take our game where the guys took it. They earned it, they worked their butts off during the week, they were focused." Bills quarterback Josh Allen was thrilled with a 7-2 start but he acknowledged that the team has got to continue the same way going forward.

"Sitting here 7-2, we're excited with what we can do and how we can play," Allen said. "But we understand seven wins doesn't get you into the playoffs. We got to continue to find ways to keep stacking weeks and focusing on one week at a time.

We know we got a different challenge next week we have to game plan for. Every time you step on the field it's a little bit different."