Damar Hamlin reveals his impressions after first game back since cardiac arrest

Hamlin played in the Bills' preseason opener.

by Dzevad Mesic
Damar Hamlin reveals his impressions after first game back since cardiac arrest

Damar Hamlin says it was "super fun" to return to the field for the first time since suffering cardiac arrest on January 2nd. On Saturday, Hamlin appeared in the Buffalo Bills' preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

Just eight months earlier, Hamlin experienced one of the most terrifying moments ever seen on an NFL field. This weekend, Hamlin officially made his return to pro football and made three tackles in a 23-19 win over the Colts.

"It was super fun. It was a great experience. Just another milestone and a step up just getting back to myself as far as in the football space and in the NFL," Hamlin said of his first game back, via the Bills website.

Hamlin felt the nerves early on

When the game started, Hamlin did feel the nerves.

But after spending some time on the field and making a few plays, Hamlin relaxed. "Just my first few plays in being pressures, and there's my number being called. So, all of the jitters, all the nerves, that was like out the window right there, like right then and there.

But it was good for me. It was able to get me going," Hamlin said. After the game, Hamlin noted that he made the decision to step out on the field and play again. Also, Hamlin said he doesn't want to hesitate because that probably won't bring him any good.

"I made the choice that I wanted to play, it wasn't nobody else's choice but mine. So making that choice, I know what comes with it. So, you see my cleats laced up and my helmet and shoulder pads on, there ain't gonna be no hesitation because you can't play this game like that.

You'll put yourself at more risk by hesitating. I'm out there and I'm just not thinking twice, I'm just playing my game," Hamlin said.

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