Texans veteran QB Case Keenum reveals his impressions of C.J. Stroud

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Texans veteran QB Case Keenum reveals his impressions of C.J. Stroud
Texans veteran QB Case Keenum reveals his impressions of C.J. Stroud

Case Keenum says C.J. Stroud has been doing "a great job" so far as the veteran quarterback reveals he is impressed by the young quarterback's confidence and mindset. Keenum, 35, started his career with the Houston Texans in 2012 and this offseason he returned to Houston after signing a two-year deal.

After signing Keenum, the Texans also used their second overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft to select Stroud. The Texans are hoping Stroud can fulfill his potential to the fullest and become a star quarterback in the league.

According to Keenum - who has been in the league for over a decade - Stroud is fully committed and dedicated to getting better every day.

Keenum on his impressions of Stroud so far

“It hasn’t been perfect for many of us.

We all want plays back, decisions back, reps back, but some of his best plays came after a mistake. I think his confidence, his unwavering mindset of just trying to get better, trying to put the team in the best possible situation, the ball where it needs to go with a lot of pressures, you know? I’ve never been drafted as high as he was — I’ve never been drafted.

So, I don’t know some of the pressures that go on there and other things that he’s dealing with, so I’ve been very impressed with his unwavering focus on getting better every day and his confidence in that.

So, he’s done a great job," Keenum said, via Pro Football Talk. Keenum is a veteran quarterback in the league and he has been mentoring 21-year-old Stroud. “Quarterbacking tools, life tools — a lot of things.

I always want to leave a place better than I found it. My dad told me that growing up — little nuggets like that. So, anything and everything. Everything I got," Keenum said.


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