Steelers' Eric Ebron after Cowboys win: I wouldn't bet against us

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Steelers' Eric Ebron after Cowboys win: I wouldn't bet against us

Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Eric Ebron insists he and his teammates are a group of players that never give up and you can never write them off and take for granted. The Steelers, who were down by 13 points to the Dallas Cowboys at one point of the game, took their first lead of the game with less than three minutes to go when Ebron caught a touchdown for a 24-19 lead.

"Every time we face adversity, we fight," Ebron said after catching a game-winning touchdown, per ESPN. "Honestly. That's the only thing I can tell you. I don't give up. I try to pump so much energy into this team, and I feel like it works.

I feel like it all comes together. In the end, I wouldn't bet against us. At the end of the day, I wouldn't bet against us." The Steelers suffered a scare toward the end of the first half when their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger went to the locker room for a knee evaluation.

"I didn't want to let my guys down," Roethlisberger said after returning to the game and leading the Steelers to a win. "I think so many times the line and guys are looking at me on the sideline, they're like, 'All right, Ben, we believe in you.'

I just don't want to let them down. I want to give everything I have and fight. I wish that we didn't have those fourth-quarter comebacks. I wish that I played better early in the games and that we were up and we didn't have to do it.

But that's the way it is. If we have to have a situation like this where we have to score late or win in the fourth quarter, as long as we win, I'll take it."

Steelers coach proud of Ebron, Roethlisberger and Co.

"I'm really proud of our football team, 8-0 for the first time in franchise history," coach Mike Tomlin said.

"We're humbled and honored to be that group. It's not without its trials today, obviously. Some of it was created by us. ... We've got a group that sticks together and a group that's mentally tough and is able to persevere.

I'm thankful for that. "But obviously we can't keep having these conversations every week, because one of these weeks, we're going to be doing it with an L if we're not careful. But we're thankful to win today."