Zach Wilson reveals role Aaron Rodgers played in his big play against Browns


Zach Wilson reveals role Aaron Rodgers played in his big play against Browns

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson gave credit to Aaron Rodgers for his big delivery to Malik Taylor during the Hall of Fame Game against the Cleveland Browns. On Thursday night, Wilson found Wilson for a 40-yard deep pass.

After catching the ball, Taylor went on to gain 17 more yards and turned it into a 57-yard play. After a very rough 2022 season, this was a very positive start to the 2023 season for Wilson. "Yeah, great call by Aaron Rodgers.

Had to give him a little shoutout there. Yeah, backed up, taking a shot down the field. Kind of pick your matchup. Those guys were kind of just playing single-safety man. I think that's great for preseason ball, so you can see what guys can win and separate.

Malik's done a great job all of training camp, so I wanted to go to his side. I liked the matchup with the corner as well. He did a great job winning," Wilson said after the game.

Wilson credits Rodgers for his play

After a very rough start to his career, Wilson is now a bench player.

But 24-year-old Wilson now has a chance to learn under Rodgers. After the game again the Browns - in which Wilson was on the field for just 11 plays but did well - the second overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft was praised by Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

"Zach did a good job, he was poised, looked comfortable in the pocket, delivered the ball on schedule and definitely something to build on. For him, just rebuilding that confidence and swag that we fell in love within the draft process and all that stuff, and I think he is getting it.

I said it before, he is a rookie all over again, all the footwork is different, the verbiage is different, the way Aaron plays quarterback, and the way [offensive coordinator Nathaniel] Hackett teaches quarterback is a little bit different, so there is a lot of learning and I think he has been attacking the heck out of it and doing a really nice job," Saleh said of Wilson.

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