Details from Saquon Barkley's one-year contract with Giants revealed

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Details from Saquon Barkley's one-year contract with Giants revealed
Details from Saquon Barkley's one-year contract with Giants revealed

The New York Giants adjusted Saquon Barkley's franchise tag with a $2 million bonus and added three incentives, via The New York Post. On Tuesday, it was reported that Barkley agreed to sign a one-year deal with the Giants, ending the saga that was dragging throughout the entire offseason.

Initially, Barkley had no much desire to play under a franchise tag that would pay him $10.1 million in 2023. On Tuesday, Barkley signed the one-year, $10.1 million deal - received a $2 million bonus upon signing - got three incentives that could pay him each $303k.

If Barkley gets 1,350 rushing yards - scores at least 11 touchdowns - gets 65 receptions, he will earn an additional $909k in incentives. In case Barkley hits all three incentives for 2023, he could earn a total of $13 million this coming season.

Barkley ends the saga

After Barkley failed to agree on a long-term deal with the Giants, some feared the running back might hold out of training camp and the start of the season. Even Barkley himself dropped a strong hint that a holdout was an option.

“And be like, ‘You want me to show you my worth? You want me to show you how valuable I am to the team? I won’t show up. I won’t play a down.’ And that’s a play I could use. Anybody [who] knows me, knows that’s not something I want to do.

Is it something that’s crossed my mind? I never thought I would ever do that, but now I’m at a point where I’m like, ‘Jesus, I might have to take it to this level.’ Am I prepared to take it to this level? I don’t know.

That’s something I have to sit down and talk to my family, talk to my team [of advisers] and strategize about this. Can’t just go off of emotions. I can try to get as much money as I can, but what really matters is winning.

I know if I’m able to help bring a championship to New York, that’s going to go miles more ahead than this contract," Barkley recently said on The Money Matters podcast. In the end, the story got a positive resolution as Barkley will still get good money and the Giants won't be without one of their top players.


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