Odell Beckham Jr. gets honest on how he feels about officially resuming his career

Beckham set to hit the field this week at the start of training camp.

by Dzevad Mesic
Odell Beckham Jr. gets honest on how he feels about officially resuming his career

Three-time Pro Bowler Odell Beckham Jr. says he is "excited" about returning to the field for the first time in a year and a half. Beckham, 30, suffered a torn ACL injury in 2022 February during the Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

After missing the entire 2022 season, Beckham is now a Baltimore Raven and he is set to officially resume his NFL career this week, when the Ravens start their training camp. "I'm excited. I'm excited. It's been a long time having to sit out and watch other people and not get to play.

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I think I've always been like this, always looking to be motivated, looking to be great. So I think at the end of the day, my story will be about resiliency and just being able to bounce back time after time," Beckham said, via the Ravens website.

Beckham excited about playing for the Ravens

"I'm excited about this team, we have a crazy team, crazy receivers," Beckham added. At the start of free agency, Beckham was heavily linked to the New York Jets and the expectation was that the 2014 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year would resume his career in New York.

But then, the Ravens made a strong offer to Beckham and the star wide receiver ended up signing in Baltimore. Now, Beckham is set to work with quarterback Lamar Jackson. After signing with the Ravens, Beckham specifically mentioned he was looking forward to playing alongside Jackson.

With Beckham and Jackson on the board, it is not a secret that the Ravens have big expectations for the 2023 season. However, it will probably take some time before Beckham and Jackson develop strong chemistry. For Beckham, the most important thing is to stay healthy in 2023. If Beckham manages to stay healthy, it will be easier for him to rediscover his old form and help the Ravens win.

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