Aaron Rodgers, 39, drops major hint regarding his future with Jets

Some wonder if Rodgers will play just one season with the Jets and then retire.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aaron Rodgers, 39, drops major hint regarding his future with Jets

Aaron Rodgers has indicated that he definitely plans to play for the New York Jets for more than one season. This offseason, the Jets made trading for Rodgers a priority. After the Jets completed a trade for 39-year-old Rodgers, the logical question that many asked was for how long would the star quarterback still be active.

Rodgers, who will be turning 40 in December, says he is well aware of the fact that the Jets gave up a lot to bring him to New York and he suggested that he does not want to be unfair toward them. “The Jets gave up a lot for me, so to play just one year.

I think, would be a disservice. Now, if that one year turns out to be a magical year, who knows? But it’s more than that: It’s how my body feels. The last couple of months my body has been feeling really good. Now talk to me in three to four months.

We’ll see how it feels, but the way I feel now, I think I could play a number of years," Rodgers said on the DiPietro & Rothenberg Show.

The Jets aim to win the Super Bowl with Rodgers

The Jets haven't had any Super Bowl wins since the legendary Joe Namath helped the team hoist the Lombardi Trophy in 1969.

Before trading for Rodgers, the Jets felt they had a strong team on all sides but just needed a proven quarterback that knows how to win football games on the big stage. Now that Rodgers is in New York, the Jets feel confident they have a team good enough to win the Super Bowl.

"My opinion, I think 32 teams -- 32 coaches -- stand in front of their teams every year and talk about winning a championship, and then realistically, there's maybe six or eight teams that have an actual chance to do it.

And I do think we are one of those teams. But none of it matters unless we take care of (business) today," Jets head coach Robert Saleh said in May.

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