Raiders' Josh Jacobs: It was fun running ball against Browns in horrid conditions

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Raiders' Josh Jacobs: It was fun running ball against Browns in horrid conditions

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs didn't mind playing in extremely tough conditions against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium as he entered the game knowing that he would be used a lot. The game featured rain, sleet, snow, 40-mile winds and Raiders coach Jon Gruden turned to Jacobs, who carried the ball a career-high 31 times for 128 yards.

Jacobs played a key role in the Raiders' 16-6 win on the road against the Browns. "I came out early with, me and Alec (Ingold) walked around the field and I was like 'yeah, I'm good for it,'" Jacobs said, per the team's website.

"We came out and it started raining, and it just made the game more fun because I knew we were going to run the ball." Earlier this season, Gruden compared Jacobs to legendary Hall of Fame running back Walton Payton.

"I remember horrible weather, and I remember everybody in the stadium knowing No. 34 (Payton) was going to get the ball and he made yards and got it done anyway, and that's what Jacobs' level of talent is," coach Gruden said.

"He's a great runner."

Jacobs was happy to see Derek Carr perform well

The Raiders focused on their running game but Carr still did a solid job as he went 15-of-24 for 112 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions.

"It's good to see that (Carr) is comfortable, and he's getting better every week," Jacobs said. "Just to see him get comfortable and trust that when the play breaks down he can use his feet is huge."

Early in the first quarter, Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson missed a 41-yard field goal attempt as the strong wind heavily affected his attempt. "Pregame it wasn't quite as windy, so I had a really good pregame trying to figure it out," Carlson told reporters after the game.

"Then we got out there and I really aimed at that right upright and that was by far the windiest game I've ever played in, and most of this team has probably played in. So, I just aimed it at the right upright and hit basically an A-plus ball, exactly how I wanted to.

I just didn't factor in the wind quite enough." After missing the field goal, Carlson went to the sideline and analyzed how to adjust his kicking attempts in the strong wind. Carlson figured it out as he then made field goals from 29 yards, 33 yards and 24 yards to help the Raiders get the win and improve to 4-3.

"Luckily, I was able to learn from it and bounce back and have a good operation, good holds, and good protection, and we were able to get some points on the board the rest of the game," Carlson added.