Antonio Brown rips Buccaneers, Tom Brady: Treated me like I'm a dog

Brown offers more on his infamous meltdown against the Jets.

by Dzevad Mesic
Antonio Brown rips Buccaneers, Tom Brady: Treated me like I'm a dog

Antonio Brown claims the Tampa Bay Buccaneers treated him "like a dog" and also insists Tom Brady lied to him about the number of targets he would receive in the infamous game against the New York Jets. In 2022 January, a video of Brown taking off his jersey and shoulder pads and running off the field went viral.

At the time of the incident, the Jets had a 24-10 lead over the Buccaneers in the third quarter of their game at MetLife Stadium. Shortly after the game, Brown was released by the Buccaneers and he hasn't played in the NFL since.

When Brown was asked about the incident, he claimed to have told coaches that he was hurt but then was sent to the locker room. "Tom [Brady] called me like 'Yo this week man the Jets man, they sweet man imma hit you with like 10 to 12 [targets].'

So, he gonna gas me up so you know me, that's all I need to hear like yo you gonna throw me the ball, this is like me saying like I got a new crib like you know me, you know what I'm saying," Brown said this week on Tyreek Hill's podcast, via CBS Sports.

Brown: I was hurt - Brady gassed me up - they treated me like a dog

On Hill's podcast, Brown reiterated his previous message that he was hurt. According to Brown, Brady's promise made him suit him but then he felt played after not receiving his targets.

"We (were) about to play the Jets and I am already hurt. So I took pictures to send to the coach and told him 'Look, If we're going to win the Super Bowl I'm going to need to take these last two weeks to recover up so I can give you my best when we go to win the Super Bowl,' but the coach called me saying that I wasn't resting.

So then Tom (Brady) called me and told me he'd hit me with 10-12 (passes), so he gassed me up, and that's all I needed to hear. But you know as a player, if you screwing up but your team needs you then you just suck it up for the game and for the team.

I already know they were being fake to me the whole time I was there. I got suspended (for breaking Covid-19 rules) and I came back and they had some guys hurt, so they wanted to get everything out of me -- they treated me like I'm a dog," Brown said.

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