Darren Waller shares how he felt about Raiders abruptly trading him to Giants

The Raiders surprisingly traded Waller to the Giants at the start of free agency.

by Dzevad Mesic
Darren Waller shares how he felt about Raiders abruptly trading him to Giants

Darren Waller says he wasn't "totally shocked" that the Las Vegas Raiders decided to trade him but ending up with the New York Giants definitely wasn't something he expected to happen. Waller, who became one of the best tight ends in the NFL during his time in Las Vegas, was traded from the Raiders to the Giants this offseason.

But last season, 30-year-old Waller missed nine games and there were rumors indicating that the Raiders weren't too happy with their star tight end anymore and that a trade could happen. "Not totally shocked. I had heard some things.

There were different moments throughout the year that I heard I may be traded, or I may not. So the actual event of it wasn't too shocking. But I didn't expect it to be the Giants," Waller said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Waller happy to be a Giant

The Raiders gave Waller another chance in the NFL and that's where the tight end earned his lone Pro Bowl nod in 2020. But this offseason, the two sides went their separate ways. “I’m done questioning God and what he’s trying to do.

He’s gotten me to this point. I know that he’s going to continue to have a plan for me, you know?” Waller said. Waller has been with the Giants for three months and he has had time to get acclimated and adjusted to his new surrounding.

“It’s been great. It’s been a great challenge. I love a good challenge and just forming a new relationship with my teammates. They’re really excited about winning. They’re really solid about doing things the right way and continuing to build a foundation on what they started last year.

I’m just excited to be a part of it," Waller said. The Giants had a positive 2022 season and they are hoping the addition of Waller can help further improve the team.

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