Patrick Mahomes Defended by Kelce Brothers After Ja'Marr Chase's Bold Comments


Patrick Mahomes Defended by Kelce Brothers After Ja'Marr Chase's Bold Comments
Patrick Mahomes Defended by Kelce Brothers After Ja'Marr Chase's Bold Comments

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, known for his candidness, did not mince words when addressing recent remarks made by Cincinnati Bengals receiver Ja'Marr Chase. Chase's controversial comments regarding the Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes sparked a fiery response from both Kelce brothers.

Travis Kelce, while respecting Chase's loyalty to his own quarterback, openly criticized the young receiver's dismissive stance on Mahomes.

"Talk your stuff, just better back it up"

"It is what it is, dog. Who doesn't love some good locker room banter, man?" said Travis Kelce, acknowledging the competitive spirit within the league.

He continued, "Shoutout to Ja'Marr Chase for holding it down for his QB, but don't you ever disrespect Pat Mahomes, now. If you wanna talk your stuff, talk your stuff, pimp. Just better back it up." Mahomes, a two-time league MVP and two-time Super Bowl MVP, was allegedly dismissed by Chase with a "Pat who?" comment.

Kelce found this particularly galling. "I thought it was a little bold," he confessed. "To say 'Pat who?' is like I don't know." Jason Kelce, Travis's brother and Philadelphia Eagles center, echoed these sentiments, stating he found Chase's comments "a little disrespectful."

Mahomes Hits Back: "That's Who"

Mahomes did not let Chase's comments go unanswered.

On June 15, he tweeted a picture of himself at the Chiefs' ring ceremony, resplendently wearing his two Super Bowl rings. Along with the image, he posted a defiant declaration: 'That's Who.'

Mahomes has earned the right to this bold reply.

His outstanding performance in 2022 was instrumental in Kansas City's conquest of its second Lombardi Trophy in four seasons. He led the NFL in Total QBR (77.6), passing yards (5,250), and touchdowns (41). These impressive statistics culminated in Mahomes being named The Associated Press MVP, marking the second occasion he has received this prestigious honor.

The ongoing banter between these top-tier athletes only adds fuel to the competitive fire that is the National Football League. As the new season approaches, all eyes will undoubtedly be on these rivals as they battle on the gridiron, each aiming to prove their supremacy.

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