Ex-Patriots player Jake Bequette shares absolutely wild Rob Gronkowski party story

Gronkowski was delivering on the field but he also loved to party hard.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-Patriots player Jake Bequette shares absolutely wild Rob Gronkowski party story

Former New England Patriots player Jake Bequette claims Patriots trainers used to just stick an IV into Rob Gronkowski's arm after finding the former tight end passed out and hungover in the team facility. Gronkowski, who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots, was one of the most important and best players on the Patriots for many years.

On the field, Gronkowski was always delivering for the Patriots as he and Tom Brady formed one of the most formidable duos in the NFL. But off the field, Gronkowski loved to party hard. Bequette, who was drafted by the Patriots in 2012, played with Gronkowski in New England for three seasons.

Bequette tells a wild Gronkowski party story

"We all had these key fobs that gave us 24/7 access to the Patriots' facility there in Foxborough. During the offseason, Gronk would go out all night with his boys in Boston, stay up until [3 am.

or 4 am.] -- whatever it was -- and have his crew drop him off at the Patriots facility and he would stagger into the Patriots locker room, key fob in, and go pass out on the training tables in the Patriots training room.

So then, like an hour or two later when the trainers would come in to start their workday, they'd come in there and see Gronk just sprawled out on the training table, just fast asleep. They'd go over there, they wouldn't wake him up, they'd roll up one of his sleeves, and stick an IV in his arm.

After a couple hours, he would just wake up like Frankenstein revived, and go out there and just kick butt," Bequette said on Prime Time with Alex Stein, via CBS Sports. In 2020, Gronkowski came out of retirement to join Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gronkowski won his fourth Super Bowl in Tampa Bay before retiring last summer. Gronkowski is widely considered one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history.

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