Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa: I could do better but happy with win over Rams

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Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa: I could do better but happy with win over Rams

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa admitted he could have played much better in his first NFL start but still he was happy that his side escaped with a win over the Los Angeles Rams. Tagovailoa, who was selected at No.

5 in this past NFL draft, went 12-of-22 for 93 yards, tossed one touchdown but still the Dolphins scored 28 points as they won 28-17. The Dolphins defense had a pick-six, the Dolphins special unit had an 88-yard touchdown return and there wasn't too much pressure on the team's offense to deliver.

"I don't think I played to the standard of what this offense is capable of. There were certain plays where I could have stepped up and made the right throw, made the right decision. But it's good that we still came out with the win," Tagovailoa said after claiming a win his first NFL start, per ESPN.

"Thank God we've got a good defense." In his first dropback, Tagovailoa was crushed by Rams All-Pro defender Aaron Donald and he was also slammed by Michael Brockers on the same play. "It was a good hit.

It's football. Tried to step up and make a throw. Aaron Donald swiped at the ball behind me. I don't know who the guy was that took me off my feet and pretty much body-slammed me, but that's football," Tagovailoa said.

"I'm not going to lie; I did enjoy getting hit that first time. That was definitely a welcome hit."

Tagovailoa said it was a fun experience

"It was fun to be able to play a full, 60-minute game being that it was my first start in the NFL," Tagovailoa said.

"We faced a really good defense. I'm proud of what we got to do offensively, and I know there's still plenty of things that we need to correct." After the game, Dolphins coach Brian Flores said football is a team game and he is not bothered by the fact that the team's offense didn't deliver that much.

"We won. We won the game. It's a team football game. It's not a one-man show. He made enough plays for us to win the ballgame," Flores said of Tagovailoa. "Collectively, if we don't play well in one phase, we have to pick each other up.

It's his first NFL game against a real good defense. You got to take that into account, as well. But the rest of the team picked him up, and we got the W."