DeAndre Hopkins sends clear message to NFL teams


DeAndre Hopkins sends clear message to NFL teams
DeAndre Hopkins sends clear message to NFL teams

DeAndre Hopkins has told his future teammates that he will make their job easier. Hopkins, 31, was considered one of the top wide receivers in the NFL just a few years ago. But this offseason, Hopkins got cut by the Arizona Cardinals and he has yet to find a new job.

This week, star running back Dalvin Cook - who is also a free agent after being cut by the Minnesota Vikings - told NFL teams to pursue both him and Hopkins because they would make the job easier for those around them. Cook's comments may have led to Hopkins posting this tweet.

“Whoever’s in my future wide receiver group. I promise I will make your job easy," Hopkins tweeted.

Cook wants to end up on the same team as Hopkins

Cook, who made the Pro Bowl in each of the past four seasons, wants to be teammates with Hopkins in 2023.

“I know his mindset, and I done play against D-Hop a numerous amount of times. When I been with D-Hop, we done chill together, we done been around each other, and it’s like, I kind of see the person that he is like, he want to win and that’s what my mind at to.

I want to go win. Like I said, the money gonna come and that’s going to happen. But like as far as going to lift that [Lombardi] Trophy up, he got the same mindset as me," Cook said on The Adam Schefter Podcast. Also, Cook suggested that he and Hopkins are still one of the best players in their respective positions in the NFL.

“Everybody knows who D-Hop is. You know what you’re getting out of D-Hop, and you know what he going to bring to your roster. It’s the same for me. Like you know – the film speaks for itself – I don’t really got to do too much like, you know, talking about who Dalvin Cook and DeAndre Hopkins is," Cook added. It remains to be seen where Hopkins will play in 2023.