Ex-Giants RB star voices support for Saquon Barkley amid contract saga

Barkley hasn't yet signed his franchise tag tender as he wants a new deal before the season starts.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-Giants RB star voices support for Saquon Barkley amid contract saga

Former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is voicing for Saquon Barkley to get the money he feels he deserves. Barkley, 26, was voted to his second Pro Bowl this past season and he entered this offseason wanting a new long-term deal from the Giants.

But before the start of free agency, the Giants franchise-tagged Barkley. Barkley, who would earn $10.1 million under the franchise tag in 2023, hasn't yet signed his franchise tag tender. Barkley doesn't want to play under a franchise tag in 2023 and he recently hinted he is willing to hold out in case he doesn't get the contract he is seeking before the start of the season.

Jacobs, who won two Super Bowl rings during his time with the Giants, wants Barkley to get his money. "Nobody wants to pay running backs, I want all running backs to get what they think they’re worth. We’re going through something here with Saquon at the moment," Jacobs told The New York Post.

Jacobs wants Barkley to get paid

“I see a dynamic, generational talent even still at this age he is, I still see that guy. I still see him being super explosive, making stuff happen. I’d say he’s devalued because he feels he’s devalued.

I think the dollar amount they’re offering is great — $13 million a year. I think he wants most of that money front-loaded in his contract, he wants most of it guaranteed. I think that’s the problem we’re dealing with now.

I can’t say he’s wrong," Jacobs said of Barkley. In 2009, Jacobs was hit with a franchise tag. But at the time, the Giants franchise-tagged Jacobs only because they didn't want him to hit the open market. That offseason, the Giants and Jacobs agreed on a new deal.

The Giants and Barkley still have time for something similar but there are no guarantees that the two sides will strike a contract deal before the start of the season.