Maxx Crosby tells what led to him headbutting Patrick Mahomes

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Maxx Crosby tells what led to him headbutting Patrick Mahomes
Maxx Crosby tells what led to him headbutting Patrick Mahomes

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby claims he was given a shoulder check by Patrick Mahomes before he headbutted the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. On October 11th, the Chiefs hosted the Raiders in a Monday Night Football Game.

As division rivals, the Chiefs and Raiders get to play at least twice per year and there is always extra fire and intensity when those two teams play against each other. Their first meeting of the 2022 season was a thriller and it also featured Crosby headbutting Mahomes.

“[Mahomes] was talking back like …’Aye, what’s up?’ And so, they went down and scored. And I’m standing and watching, and they were all running in the end zone. I get bumped behind my back.

I get hit with a shoulder. I turned my shoulder, and it was Pat, and he was still running. I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not going for that,’ and so I ran straight to him and I headbutted him, like ‘What’s up?," Crosby said on the VonCast with Von Miller, via Sports Illustrated.

Crosby says Mahomes is not backing down from trash talk

“When I’m out there, he’s talking s--- right back at me. Most quarterbacks aren’t like that. They are silent. They’re not going to say much," Crosby added.

That night, the Raiders made a really strong against the Chiefs as they opened a 17-point lead. But the Mahomes-led Chiefs didn't surrender as they managed to create a major comeback and beat the Raiders 30-29. In Week 18, the Raiders hosted the Chiefs in their regular-season finale.

This time, there wasn't really any drama as the Chiefs routinely beat the Raiders 31-13. In 2023, their first meeting is scheduled for November 26th, when the Raiders are hosting the Chiefs. On Christmas Day, the Chiefs will be playing the Raiders on their home field.

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