Aaron Rodgers makes big prediction about Garrett Wilson, Sauce Gardner

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Aaron Rodgers makes big prediction about Garrett Wilson, Sauce Gardner
Aaron Rodgers makes big prediction about Garrett Wilson, Sauce Gardner

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks wide receiver Garrett Wilson and cornerback Sauce Gardner have the potential to be the best at their respective positions in the NFL. Gardner, the fourth overall pick of the 2022 NFL draft, won the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

Wilson, who was the 10th pick of last year's draft, claimed the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award. “We’ve got, at some point possibly, the best corner and the best receiver in the NFL. It’s a legit possibility for those two guys.

Maybe not this upcoming year — I still think Davante [Adams] is in a league of his own — but those two kids are so talented," Rodgers said, per The New York Post.

Rodgers excited about having Wilson as his target

In his rookie season, Wilson had 83 receptions for 1103 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

Rodgers, who played alongside Davante Adams for several years in Green Bay, insists Wilson regularly does something that leaves him impressed. “At least one time a practice he does something that I kind of look back at [the coaches] and whoever is watching and go, ‘Wow!’.

Rodgers said. Also, Rodgers believes Wilson and Gardner can make each other better. “How we take the next step is to talk about the things that give us the most issues. To talk about release issues [caused by Gardner] and what’s hard on Garrett, and then Sauce telling Garrett what’s hard on him.

I think right now, we have good communication with those guys. They battle, they compete," Rodgers said. The Jets entered this offseason believing they were a proven quarterback away from contending for the Super Bowl. Now that they have Rodgers, they are confident in their Super Bowl chances. It remains to be seen if Rodgers and young Jets stars can win the Super Bowl in 2023.

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