Blaine Gabbert reveals what Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady have in common

Gabbert spent few seasons with Brady before becoming Mahomes' teammate.

by Dzevad Mesic
Blaine Gabbert reveals what Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady have in common

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Blaine Gabbert described Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady as "maniacal perfectionists." Gabbert, 33, played with Brady for three consecutive seasons in Tampa Bay. After former seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady retired, Gabbert also left the Buccaneers and signed with the Chiefs.

Now, Gabbert is having a chance to closely observe Mahomes, who is widely considered the best quarterback in today's game. “They’re maniacal perfectionists. And I mean that in the most endearing way possible. They’re the two best, in my opinion, ever to play the game.

To see the similarities, how they operate in the meeting room, on the practice field. They’re completely different players, as we all know, but the way they approach the game, on and off the football field is the exact same," Gabbert said, via Pro Football Talk.

Mahomes sets eyes on catching Brady

No player has won more Super Bowl rings than Brady. In February, 27-year-old Mahomes won his second Super Bowl after leading the Chiefs to a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Many believe that Mahomes has a shot at going down as the greatest of all time one day.

But in order to become the greatest, Mahomes needs to at least emulate Brady's seven Super Bowl rings. "I'm trying to catch Tom. But Tom's a long ways away, you can ask me when I'm like 38 years old. It's gonna be tough. I mean, seven Super Bowl victories, 10 Super Bowls.

There's a reason why he's so far ahead of everybody else. It's hard to do, but I'll do my best to chase it. But I've got to start off with trying to win this one this week. So I've just got to focus on today and then tomorrow until we get to Sunday.

And then let's go out there and play our best ball game," Mahomes said in February after winning his second Super Bowl.

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