Davante Adams makes claim on Raiders WR addition Jakobi Meyers

Adams thinks Meyers is capable of great things.

by Dzevad Mesic
Davante Adams makes claim on Raiders WR addition Jakobi Meyers

Davante Adams thinks new Las Vegas Raiders addition Jakobi Meyers is capable of putting up bigger numbers than was the case during his time with the New England Patriots. Meyers spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Patriots and last year put up his career-best numbers when he collected 67 receptions for 804 yards and six touchdowns.

Adams, one of the best wide receivers in the game, is looking forward to being lined up with Meyers as he believes the 26-year-old can do great things on the field. "I didn't see him featured as much as maybe he should have been based on what I saw when [the Patriots] came here and we practiced against them [last summer], and so far what I've seen from him now.

He's a pro. He's got a lot of tools on the field, and the way he thinks about the game as a relatively young player is impressive to me, so I'm excited to work alongside him," Adams said, per the Las Vegas Sun.

Adams, Josh McDaniels praise Meyers

Raiders head coach McDaniels had a chance to work with Meyers in the past when he was a part of the Patriots' staff.

McDaniels has a high opinion of Meyers and that's probably why he wanted to bring in the 26-year-old wide receiver. "It doesn't matter how you get somewhere, it just matters what you do once you get there. Jakobi had a great attitude from the moment I was able to work with him, and he's just continued," McDaniels said.

Meanwhile, Meyers credited McDaniels for helping him in his early development. "When I first met Josh, he was just pushing me. Maybe at the time I wasn't his biggest fan, but looking back on my career, he helped me grow as a football player and as a man, so it definitely played a big part as far as me choosing to come here," Meyers said. It remains to be seen how will Meyers' first season with the Raiders go.

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