Tom Brady comments on his relationship with coach Bill Belichick

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Tom Brady comments on his relationship with coach Bill Belichick
Tom Brady comments on his relationship with coach Bill Belichick

Tom Brady insists he and Bill Belichick always kept "a positive relationship" and reveals that his ex-coach was one of the first people to text him after his Super Bowl victory with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When Brady left the New England Patriots after 20 seasons in 2020, there were rumors suggesting that a rift between Brady and Belichick led to the quarterback's departure from New England.

“He’s been very supportive of the things I did. He was one of the first people to text me after we won a Super Bowl in Tampa. Listen, to have a 20-year professional relationship, there was so many positives that I take from it," Brady told ESPN, via MassLive.

Brady on his relationship with Belichick: A great amount of respect

In their 20 years together, Brady and Belichick became one of the most successful coach/player duos in NFL history. While Brady was in New England, the Patriots hoisted a Lombardi Trophy six times.

“I was very fortunate to play with him and be a member of those teams. With him and his leadership and his ability to coach and put our team in a great position to succeed, I think we had a great relationship. He very much trusted what I was doing out on the field and obviously it went both ways.

I think we always had a great amount of respect for each other, and I think as time goes by we’ll have more respect for one another because there will be more perspective on those things. I learned so much from him," Brady said.

Meanwhile, Brady announced his second retirement from football on February 1st. Although Brady is retired, some aren't really believing that the quarterback is indeed retired. However, Brady has been insisting since February that he is "retired for good" this time. Currently, Brady is in the process of officially becoming a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

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