Deshaun Watson 'determined' to return to being 'old Deshaun' after struggling in 2022

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Deshaun Watson 'determined' to return to being 'old Deshaun' after struggling in 2022
Deshaun Watson 'determined' to return to being 'old Deshaun' after struggling in 2022

Deshaun Watson says he is in a much better place than he was around this time 12 months ago as the Cleveland Browns quarterback is determined to regain his old form in 2023. 12 months ago, Watson was wondering if he would be able to debut for the Browns in 2022.

In the end, Watson was handed an 11-game suspension and a $5 million fine over the quarterback's sexual misconduct allegations. “I feel a lot better. I mean I think you guys can see it, too, in just the way I’m speaking, the way I kind of react with other people around here," Watson said, per

Watson looking to regain his old form in 2023

Last year, Watson appeared in six regular season games for the Browns. Watson, who missed the entire 2021 season as while seeking to get out of the Houston Texans, expectedly looked rusty when he returned to action after being sidelined for nearly two full years.

But after playing six games in 2022 and having a full offseason with his teammates, 2020 NFL passing yards leader Watson hopes to return to his old level in 2023. “Of course, it was me. At the same time, I think the biggest thing was just confidence.

Just being able to go out there and know who I am and show that I can go out there and make every play and be very, very sharp and conservative on those times I need to make those plays and let the other people around me make those plays.

Building that confidence and getting back to Deshaun Watson, and that’s the key and that’s what I’ve been working on this offseason," Watson said. When the Browns traded for Watson, they felt they were a great quarterback removed from contending for the Super Bowl. It remains to be seen how far can Watson lead the Browns in 2023.

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