Ex-Bills player Isaiah McKenzie stunningly blames snow for Buffalo's playoff loss

McKenzie thinks the snow cost the Bills a playoff win over the Bengals.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-Bills player Isaiah McKenzie stunningly blames snow for Buffalo's playoff loss

Ex-Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie blames the snow for the Bills' playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. In the divisional round, the Bills hosted the Bengals. Before and during the game, heavy snow was falling.

The Bills, who were favored going into the game, surrendered two early touchdowns as the Bengals opened a 14-0 lead before sealing a 27-10 win to progress into the AFC Championship Game. Since the Bills are a team used to playing in snowy and cold conditions, many thought they were advantaged by the heavy snow in Buffalo.

"I'll tell you this: That snow had a lot to do with it. Let's be real, our run game wasn't the best run game. We didn't have a run game, so the snow was a big deal because we pass the ball. The Bengals ran basic routes. Maybe we should've done that, ran basic routes, like out routes, go balls, instead of running routes that you have to be going lateral or coming back to the football, or turning and running curls and things like that," McKenzie said on the Go Long podcast, per CBS Sports.

McKenzie thinks the Bengals ran simple routes

McKenzie blamed the snow for the Bills' loss but also acknowledged that the Bengals did the right things in those conditions. "Everybody says 'Oh, the Bengals caught the ball, they ran, Joe Burrow threw the ball just fine, their receivers caught the ball just fine.'

But Joe Burrow and Josh are just two different type of guys. Josh has a cannon and that's how he throws a football. Josh has touch every now and then, but he wants to sling the football. And that was kind of tough for him, getting the balls in the right spots, receivers getting open because of the routes we ran," McKenzie explained.

This offseason, McKenzie left the Bills to sign with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are playing in a dome so McKenzie won't face the same problems if the Colts make the playoffs and host a game there in January.

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