Davante Adams fires back at critics saying he was only good because of Aaron Rodgers

Adams thinks his numbers in 2022 sent a statement.

by Dzevad Mesic
Davante Adams fires back at critics saying he was only good because of Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams says his production in 2022 proved that he does not need Aaron Rodgers in order to be an outstanding wide receiver. After Adams left the Green Bay Packers to join the Las Vegas Raiders, there was a lot of talk suggesting that the wide receiver's numbers would drop in 2022 without Rodgers as his quarterback.

But with Derek Carr as his quarterback, Adams led the NFL in receiving touchdowns and also had a career-high in yards per catch. Also, Adams made the First-Team All-Pro. “Now people can’t say that. That’ll never be the narrative ever again.

It proved that I am me. A quarterback doesn’t make me. I make me. And I can do it consistently at this level. That’s why [last] season meant a lot. Even if I went and played like dog s--- next year, they can’t say it.

Because now I’ve already proved it throughout the course of a season, played every game, and put together a résumé that says I do not need. You can erase all the numbers. You can just write in: He didn’t need Aaron Rodgers," Adams told The Ringer, as revealed on Pro Football Talk.

Adams expressed a desire to reunite with Rodgers

After the 2022 season ended, the Raiders cut Carr. Since it was heavily rumored that Rodgers' days in Green Bay were also coming to an end, Adams was asked if he would like the Raiders to trade for Rodgers.

“Would I be interested in having Aaron Rodgers throw to me? Yes. I would love that. I would love to have that, and obviously, that would be a dream scenario. One that I’m very familiar with. There’s a lot of conversations to be had, still, in the near future.

We’ll see what happens, but that’s obviously something I’d go in and talk about," Adams said before the Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo.

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