Jets GM hopes 'talented' Zach Wilson can learn from Aaron Rodgers


Jets GM hopes 'talented' Zach Wilson can learn from Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas admits the team maybe could have handled the Zach Wilson rookie year differently. After the Jets took Wilson as the third overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft, the BYU product was immediately named the team's starting quarterback.

Wilson struggled in his rookie season and things became even more rough for the 23-year-old during this past season. “I go back and I look at a lot of things and things that can be done differently, things that were in our control, out of our control,” Jets GM Douglas said in an appearance on #PFTPM, per Pro Football Talk.

Jets GM Douglas hopes Wilson can learn from Wilson

Wilson's heavy struggles led to the Jets benching the quarterback. When the Jets benched Wilson, they said it wasn't the end of Wilson in New York. This offseason, the Jets landed former NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Going forward, the Jets plan to keep Wilson - have him learn under Rodgers - and maybe return to being the team's starting quarterback in the future. “When the change was made in the second-half of last year, the intent was for Zach to reset and really get back to basics.

And that’s carried over into this offseason so far. Zach has an unbelievable ceiling and Zach is wired the right way in terms of his love of the game, his work ethic, his attention to detail. And so, this is a great opportunity for him to shadow one of the best passers of all time in Aaron Rodgers and pick up every little thing he can from him and get better every day.

And so, I know he’s attacking this offseason like no other. His energy level is unbelievable. It’s good to see him with a huge smile on his face and really working every day to get better," Douglas said.

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