Raiders HC Jon Gruden: Tom Brady is a problem for a lot of people

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Raiders HC Jon Gruden: Tom Brady is a problem for a lot of people

The Las Vegas Raiders surrendered 45 points in Week 7 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and though Raiders coach Jon Gruden was disappointed, he wasn't surprised, as the is well aware of what Tom Brady is capable of. The Raiders defense got absolutely torched by Brady as the Buccaneers quarterback went 33-of-45 for 369 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions in a 45-20 win.

Raiders' pass rushers weren't a factor as they had just three total pressures, with one QB hit, and no sacks. "I’m not going to say it here today,” Gruden said in response to a question about what can be done about the lack of pass rush, per Raiders Wire.

“Obviously there’s some things we have to take a good look at. That process will start as soon as the press conference is over”.

Raiders coach Gruden drops a big praise on Brady

A week earlier, the Raiders surrendered 32 points but scored 40 points to shock the reigning Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs.

Raiders coach Gruden says the team will make some defensive changes and adjustments as he hopes his team will have a better defensive performance against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. "There’s a lot of people talking about are we making changes, are we bringing in new coaches, new players,” Gruden noted.

“We are where we are. We’re 3-3, we played some really good offenses and just so you know Tom Brady is a problem for a lot of people. So is Drew Brees and certainly a lot of the guys that we’ve seen are very good players, but we’re going to stick together, bond together, make some changes in the lineup possibly and in the scheme that we use and we’re hoping to change the results that we’re getting”.

The day after the loss to the Buccaneers, Gruden started exploring ways to improve the team's pass rush. "We’re going to try to get the best four out there that we can, number one,” Gruden said of his plans to improve the pas rush.

“Whether it involves more blitzing, we’ll see. Who goes inside, who goes outside, who’s on the left side, who’s on the right side, what stunts we call, what blitzes we call. Everything is on the table.

We’ve been meeting since very early in the morning and we’re going to play better on defense, I’m determined to make sure we prove that this week”.