Jets HC Robert Saleh rips 'Aaron Rodgers wish-list narrative'

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Jets HC Robert Saleh rips 'Aaron Rodgers wish-list narrative'
Jets HC Robert Saleh rips 'Aaron Rodgers wish-list narrative'

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh ripped "a silly narrative" that the Jets signed some players just because Aaron Rodgers delivered them "a wish list." Shortly after Rodgers revealed his intention to continue his career with the Jets, there were reports indicating that the quarterback gave the Jets "a wish list" of players he wanted them to sign.

So far, the Jets have signed five former Packers players. Rodgers has now reunited with some of the players he is very familiar with - most notably Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard and Billy Turner. The Jets are seemingly fed up with the chatter that they are doing just as told by Rodgers.

Saleh on the Rodgers wish-list narrative: It's silly

“So, I can try to say this as respectfully as I can — I’m not attacking anyone. It’s just that I do think it’s a silly narrative, with regards to a ‘wish list.'

And I say that because there’s 32 teams in the NFL. And it’s common practice for when there’s changes, when you have a new coaching staff, when you have people coming in, that you surround those people with people they’re familiar with.

I had a wish list — Solomon Thomas, Marcell Harris, D.J. Reed, Kwon Alexander — guys who I’ve worked with who were very familiar with our messaging, very familiar with our scheme, who can come in and play.

We had it on offense with Laken Tomlinson, Tevin Coleman, and guys who have been in the system. Shoot, Tom Brady goes to Tampa and he gets [Rob] Gronkowski and Antonio Brown. So, it is very common for new faces to want old faces — to be able to come in and accelerate the installation of a program," Saleh said, per Pro Football Talk.

This offseason, the Jets also hired Nathaniel Hackett as their offensive coordinator. Hackett worked with the Packers for several seasons and Saleh underlined that some of the players were also brought because of their familiarity with Hackett.


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