Lamar Jackson refused to talk about lengthy contract negotiations with Ravens


Lamar Jackson refused to talk about lengthy contract negotiations with Ravens

Lamar Jackson wasn't interested in going back to his lengthy negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens, insisting he is focused on the present and the future. After more than two years of negotiating, the Ravens and Jackson finally agreed on a multiyear deal.

In the end, everything turned out well for each side as Jackson got his money and the Ravens kept the guy they consider to be their franchise quarterback. “Today, we’re gonna keep it about the future. I’m not really worried about what happened in the past.

I’m gonna keep it about these next five years. And keep it about what’s going on today. You know, it’s a great day," Jackson said.

The Ravens insisted their plan was always to keep Jackson

At times, the negotiations between the Ravens and Jackson got ugly.

In March, the Ravens placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, who then requested a trade. After the Ravens and Jackson managed to agree on a deal new, Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said some things take time.

"Sometimes, you just need time. Sometimes these things can happen in two weeks, and sometimes it takes two years. This was on that scale. I know that our appreciation and love for Lamar has really never wavered, but it was business as well.

Sometimes with family, things can get tough. We all feel that sometimes, when you're in a fight with your parents, or a sibling or you're trying to figure something out. It's like the emotion of it, and there was definitely some emotion, but in the end, we've been blessed to have Lamar as part of this organization for a long time.

We've won a lot of football games. I think he feels this place is special too. It was business; it wasn't personal, and I think over time, that's kind of what developed," DeCosta said after the team agreed on a new deal with Jackson.

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