Aaron Rodgers 'already making his presence felt' around Jets

The Jets got the quarterback they were hoping to land.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aaron Rodgers 'already making his presence felt' around Jets

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh says Aaron Rodgers has "already made his presence felt" around the Jets locker room and facility. At the start of this week, the Jets announced that they completed a trade for four-time NFL MVP Rodgers.

“We’re a really, really young team, especially on offense and just to watch him and [offensive coordinator] Nathaniel [Hackett] and the way they communicate together and he’s already made his presence felt with regards to meetings and input, just discussions on all of the different things we’re trying to get accomplished on offense, so he’s a tremendous human, first and foremost, Aaron is.

Just listening, there is little, subtle things I’m not going to get into, but he definitely cares about people and you can tell in the way he speaks to people, so really fortunate that he’s here," Saleh said, per Pro Football Talk.

Rodgers sets eyes on leading the Jets to a Super Bowl win

It was not a secret that landing Rodgers was the Jets' top priority for the 2023 offseason. After Rodgers became available, the Jets went all in to acquire the star quarterback.

The Jets feel they have a very complete team and that Rodgers' arrival makes them a legit Super Bowl contender. But Rodgers is 39 years old and some fear the star quarterback might play just one season in New York and then retire.

During his introductory press conference, Rodgers underlined he didn't accept to come to New York for just one season. “This isn’t a one-and-done in my mind. I want to be fully committed to this season," Rodgers said.

The Jets haven't had any Super Bowl wins since 1969. When Rodgers spotted the Jets' lone Super Bowl trophy inside the facility, he made a comment. “That Super Bowl III trophy is looking a bit lonely," Rodgers said.

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