Ravens GM Eric DeCosta: Lamar Jackson told me we were getting close to new deal

The Ravens and Jackson have finally agreed on a new deal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ravens GM Eric DeCosta: Lamar Jackson told me we were getting close to new deal

Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta revealed Lamar Jackson told him earlier this week they could get something done. On Thursday, it was announced that Jackson agreed to sign a five-year, $260 million deal with the Ravens.

Also, Jackson got $185 million guaranteed in his new contract. Jackson agreeing to a five-year deal ended the long contract negotiations between Jackson and the Ravens - which lasted for over two years. Earlier this week, DeCosta was watching Game 6 of the NBA playoffs between the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks when Jackson texted him.

"I think we can get a deal done. We're getting close," DeCosta recalled Jackson texting him, per the Ravens website. DeCosta responded: "I said back to him, 'Lamar, you just saved my night' Because I was in a dark place, and at that point I didn't care anymore about the Celtics."

DeCosta on the long contract negotiations with Jackson

After Jackson finally agreed to a new deal with the Ravens, DeCosta revealed that he made five or six offers to the quarterback before the deal was finally sealed.

Also, DeCosta said the Ravens' goal from Day 1 was to keep Jackson but also noted they had to think about the business side of things. "Sometimes, you just need time. Sometimes these things can happen in two weeks, and sometimes it takes two years.

This was on that scale. I know that our appreciation and love for Lamar has really never wavered, but it was business as well. Sometimes with family, things can get tough. We all feel that sometimes, when you're in a fight with your parents, or a sibling or you're trying to figure something out.

It's like the emotion of it, and there was definitely some emotion, but in the end, we've been blessed to have Lamar as part of this organization for a long time. We've won a lot of football games. I think he feels this place is special too. It was business; it wasn't personal, and I think over time, that's kind of what developed," DeCosta said.

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