Seahawks' Russell Wilson: Confidence remains same after 3 interceptions vs Cardinals

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Seahawks' Russell Wilson: Confidence remains same after 3 interceptions vs Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took full blame and responsibility for his team's 37-34 overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. Wilson, who emerged as a frontrunner for this year's NFL MVP award after leading the Seahawks to a 5-0 record, threw three interceptions against the Cardinals and his side suffered their first loss of the season.

With 1 minute and 4 seconds to go in overtime, Wilson threw an interception and the Cardinals took the most out of the given opportunity as they kicked a field goal that went in from the 48-yard line for the win. "I thought we played a great game except for those three plays, honestly," Wilson said, per ESPN.

"Those are my fault. There's so much that we can do, and we have so much confidence. Our confidence is not going to waiver. They're a great football team, too. We knew it was going to be a battle. It always is down here and whenever we play.

So nothing really changes except for the fact that we just have to tighten up some things. I have to be better, which I'm looking forward to."

Wilson admits he has got to be better

Wilson went 33-of-50 for 388 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions against the Cardinals.

"We had some mistakes as a team, and just you can't have those mistakes in close matchups like this," Wilson said. "We had the lead and kinda lost it there in terms of just not staying on schedule, especially for us on offense.

We had an opportunity to close out the game really kind of twice, and we just didn't do our job as a team. So it's a team effort, and it starts with me. I look at me first. I've got to be better, and I'm looking forward to being better."

Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett didn't want to criticize his quarterback Wilson after the game. "We can always help him out more," Lockett said of Wilson. "We can always get open more. We can always make those blocks more to move the chains more.

It's not on him. It's on all of us. We put ourselves in a hole, and like I said, we could have won this game. We could have won this game at the fourth quarter if we got the third down. We wouldn't have even had to go to overtime.

But these are learning experiences, and it might turn out to be one of the best things to happen to us if you really think about it. We could have been 6-0, or we could have been 5-1, and sometimes you've got to have a wake-up call."