Buccaneers' Tom Brady: Antonio Brown is a tremendous player

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Buccaneers' Tom Brady: Antonio Brown is a tremendous player

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is thrilled to have eight-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Antonio Brown as his new weapon. Brown, who hasn't played since September 2019, was suspended for eight games by the NFL for multiple violations of NFL's policy conduct.

As his suspension is set to expire, the Buccaneers signed Brown to a one-year deal. Per report, when Brady signed with the Buccaneers this past offseason, he it made it clear to the he wanted them to bring in Brown and Rob Gronkowski.

Eventually six-time Super Bowl champion Brady for both of his wish fulfilled. "He's a tremendous football player," Brady said, per ESPN. "I played with him for a brief period of time. Looking forward to working with him again, to see what role he can come in [and play].

He's a very hardworking guy. ... We're all gonna go out there on the practice field and do the best we can do. And we're gonna see how it all fits together. There's a lot of hard work ahead. None of it just magically happens.

I think we realized that early in the season, we put a lot of new people together, and we've gotta figure a lot of things out in a short period of time. We're fighting against continuity of a lot of other teams, a lot of other coaches.

Bruce has had tremendous patience with me, watching me grow in the offense. I totally appreciate that and respect that and feel like I'm getting to a more comfortable place."

Like Brady, Scottie Miller also welcomes Brown

Brown, who has been one of the best receivers in the NFL over the last decade, has had a lot of field issues over the last year and a half.

It eventually resulted in him being out of the league for a good period of time. "I think just really giving him a blank canvas," Buccaneers wide receiver Miller said. "He's been suspended. He's done all the things the league's had him do.

So just come in and treat him like anybody else who comes in. Give him a chance, just like anybody. Get to know him. I don't know too much about his past -- I didn't research him or anything like that. ... But just excited to meet him.

I think we all are. One thing I have heard about him is he's one of the hardest working guys around. So I think we're just excited to have him. And I think he's gonna do a good job."