Patrick Mahomes comments on Jalen Hurts getting heavily paid by Eagles

Mahomes happy for Hurts and the Eagles quarterback's new contract.

by Dzevad Mesic
Patrick Mahomes comments on Jalen Hurts getting heavily paid by Eagles

Patrick Mahomes is welcoming the Philadelphia Eagles' decision to reward Jalen Hurts with a mega extension. This week, Hurts signed a five-year, $255 million deal with the Eagles. The deal includes $110 million guaranteed at signing and overall includes $179.3 million in guaranteed money.

Under the new deal, Hurts will be earning $51 million annually. "He deserves it. I think he's someone who plays the position the right way, he goes about his business the right way and that's why they were in the Super Bowl.

I mean, he played a great game in the Super Bowl and proved a lot of people wrong that were still doubting him," Mahomes said of Hurts, via CBS Sports.

Mahomes praised Hurts after the Super Bowl

Mahomes and Hurts delivered an absolute show in the Super Bowl LVII.

In the end, it was Mahomes who managed to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a 38-35 win over the Eagles. Even though the Eagles lost, Hurts played really well in his first Super Bowl as he had one passing touchdown - three rushing touchdowns - and zero interceptions.

However, Hurts did have one fumble - which some thought was costly for the Eagles. After the game, Mahomes told the world Hurts proved he was a great quarterback. “If there were any doubters left there shouldn’t be now.

The way he [Hurts] stepped on this stage, and ran, threw the ball, whatever it took for his team to win. I don’t want it to get lost in the loss that they had. I mean, even whenever we got all the momentum in that game, and we went up eight points in the fourth quarter, for him to respond and move his team down the football field and run in himself in a two-point conversion, it was a special performance by him and I mean, you make sure you appreciate that when you look back on this game," Mahomes said of Hurts after the Super Bowl.

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