Antonio Brown tells what led to falling-out with Tom Brady

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Antonio Brown tells what led to falling-out with Tom Brady
Antonio Brown tells what led to falling-out with Tom Brady (Provided by Sport World News)

Antonio Brown claims Tom Brady cussed out his agent and that's when the fallout between the two happened. After helping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the Super Bowl in the 2020 season, Brown entered the 2021 offseason wanting a new contract from the Buccaneers.

Eventually, Brown was given a one-year deal worth up to $6.25 million. Now, Brown claims Brady was attempting to persuade him to sign a contract with which his agent wasn't really happy. “Now when we get the ring in 2021, the next year I’m the last guy that signed.

My agent, Ed Wasielewski, is getting called, cursed out by Tom Brady over why is he pushing back for the contract for scraps. Imagine if you heard that, the same guy that brought you in to win a ring, the same agent he told you to hook up with to get the deal, is not telling me, the guy’s calling him, saying, yo, cursing him out about scraps of a contract," Brown said on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, via The New York Post.

Brown claims Brady cussed out his agent

Brown was out of the league when Brady talked the Buccaneers into signing him. Also, Brady linked Brown with agent Ed Wasielewski. Everything was great until the time came for Brown to get paid.

“I give everyone their props from a team standpoint, as far as the team, but you know, we all got our own agendas in the midst of the team. So when you’re an older player, you getting deals like that, you feel like, and I’m telling, my agent’s telling me already before the season that this guy, who he hooked me up with, is calling him, cussing him out about the contract," Brown said. Brown was cut by the Buccaneers after storming out from the field in 2022 January.

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