US President Joe Biden 'honored' to welcome Damar Hamlin to White House

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US President Joe Biden 'honored' to welcome Damar Hamlin to White House
US President Joe Biden 'honored' to welcome Damar Hamlin to White House (Provided by Sport World News)

United States President Joe Biden said he was "honored" to meet Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. In early January, Hamlin went into a cardiac arrest during the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game on Monday Night Football.

Hamlin, who was administered life-saving CPR on the field, was listed in critical condition when he was transported to the hospital. But since then, Hamlin has been making an absolutely remarkable recovery and he is expected to return to the field in the future.

"Damar Hamlin’s courage, resilience, and spirit inspired the American people. And what's more: he turned recovery into action – and our country is better for it. It was my honor to have him and his family here today," President Biden tweeted.

Hamlin on meeting President Biden

"It was a pleasure & an honor meeting you today. I know your time is precious and I wouldn’t waste a second of it! Our conversations were valuable," Hamlin tweeted in response.

The White House also released a statement after President Biden met with Hamlin.

"Today, the President welcomed Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin and his family to the White House. The president thanked Damar for his courage, resilience, and can-do spirit which has inspired the American people. He commended Damar for his efforts — including through legislation — to bring people together and make life-saving technologies more widely available," the White House said in a statement.

There have been reports indicating that Hamlin may be able to return to the field as soon as in 2023. "The amount of courage it's going to take to re-engage again is unbeknownst to many of us. I'm ready to support him in any direction he decides to go, even if it's last minute," Bills head coach Sean McDermott said. It remains to be seen if and when we will see Hamlin back on the football field.