Odell Beckham Jr. indicates he is open to reuniting with Giants

Beckham seems to be open to returning to the Giants.

by Dzevad Mesic
Odell Beckham Jr. indicates he is open to reuniting with Giants

Odell Beckham Jr. seems to be open to reuniting with the New York Giants after his latest message to Saquon Barkley. Through his Twitter account, Beckham told his former teammate Barkley to tell Giants general manager Joe Schoen to call his agent.

Beckham, who hasn't played since the Super Bowl LVI, has recovered from an ACL injury and is ready to sign with an NFL team. “Tell Joe call my agent. I got some more s--- left to do," Beckham tweeted. In late 2022, Beckham met with the Giants and his former team was mentioned as one of the teams where Beckham could sign.

When Barkley was asked about the possibility of reuniting with Beckham, he said he was open to it. "He knows how I feel about him, how we feel about him. Personally I think it would be a great story to come back," Barkley said in November.

Will the Giants sign Beckham and give Daniel Jones a new target?

Before the start of free agency, the Giants agreed on a four-year with quarterback Jones.

When Beckham was playing for the Giants, Eli Manning was the team's starting quarterback. Last season, Jones had a career-best year and the Giants rewarded him with a new contract. Also this offseason, the Giants franchise tagged Barkley.

With Jones and Barkley back, the Giants are happy about their offseason moves. But the Giants would certainly be open to adding more players if a good opportunity presented - most notably Beckham. Jones wants to lead the Giants to a Super Bowl win and having Beckham as a target would certainly help the quarterback.

"I said after the season I love this place. I've really enjoyed my time here and I want to be here. I have great respect for this organization, the Maras, the Tisches, my coaches and teammates. I am happy we were able to come to an agreement," Jones said after agreeing to a new deal with the Giants.

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