Odell Beckham addresses rumors: I'm just saying $4 million isn't enough

Beckham suggests it's not true that he is seeking $20 million annually on a new deal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Odell Beckham addresses rumors: I'm just saying $4 million isn't enough

Odell Beckham indicates that he is not asking anywhere near $20 million per year but that $4 million just isn't enough. Beckham, who tore his ACL during the Super Bowl 13 months ago, seems to be healthy and ready to sign with a team.

Last week, Beckham had a workout and interested teams had a chance to see how he was looking on the field after a major injury. But neither team has yet shown interest in signing Beckham. There have been reports suggesting that Beckham is asking to be paid $20 million on his new deal.

“I’m just so confused where the quote is from me that said I want 20, all I’m sayin is 4 AINT enough,” Beckham tweeted.

Will Beckham end up with the Dallas Cowboys?

In late 2022, the Cowboys were mentioned as Beckham's likely destination.

But after the two sides met, the talks cooled off and Beckham didn't sign with the Cowboys. Earlier this month, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn't rule out the possibility of the team signing Beckham in free agency. "He’s somebody that I have the same kind of interest that I had in him during the season," Jones said earlier this month.

In November, Cowboys star Micah Parsons publicly advocated for the Cowboys to sign Beckham. "S---, we can use him. I think he's a great player. He'll expand this offense. He's a guy you want on the team beside all the other critics stuff that people make up and s--- about him.

He can add real value to the team and help us do what we want to do. If the guy on the market is talking about he wants to play, and he wants to win games, then s---, me too. I want to win it just as bad as you do. If you want to win games, come win games over here. Help us get to that bowl that you want. I want it," Parsons said.

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