Aaron Rodgers unwilling to give any hints about potential interest in Jets

Rodgers met with the Jets last week as the NFL community is waiting for the quarterback to announce his decision.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aaron Rodgers unwilling to give any hints about potential interest in Jets

Aaron Rodgers says there is "a time limit" on his decision but didn't want to reveal much regarding the possibility of joining the New York Jets. Rodgers, 39, hasn't yet announced if he wants to continue his career and where.

"I think it won't be long, there's a time limit for all of this," Rodgers said on the I AM ATHLETE podcast, per CBS Sports. Last week, Rodgers met with the New York Jets brass and their owner Woody Johnson. The Jets have made it clear they are all in on acquiring Rodgers but the star quarterback didn't want to give any hints regarding his potential interest in going to the Big Apple.

"It's always interesting meeting important figures in the sport. It's always interesting. That's all I'm giving you. Stay tuned," Rodgers said.

Rodgers on if he can become an all-time figure in Jets history

New York is one of the biggest markets and the Jets haven't had any Super Bowl wins since 1969.

Some believe that if Rodgers joins the Jets and wins a Super Bowl there, he will instantly become a Jets legend. "Not if you only played there one year, you can't be an all-timer. Organizations have history, it's about the people that have made those organizations," Rodgers explained.

Meanwhile, one thing seems for sure - Rodgers won't be continuing his career in Green Bay. Over the weekend, Packers president Mark Murphy confirmed the team and Rodgers are heading for a split. "Yeah, I mean unless, if things don't work out the way we [the Packers] want them, yeah, we would.

He [Rodgers] is obviously a great player," Murphy said. Also, Murphy confirmed that the Packers allowed the Jets to talk to Rodgers. "We did give them [the Jets] permission [to talk directly to Rodgers]. But I really can't get into the details, and we are just really hopeful that we can reach a resolution that works not only for Aaron, but for us," Murphy said.

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