Packers president confirms team, Aaron Rodgers are heading to split

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Packers president confirms team, Aaron Rodgers are heading to split

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy has confirmed that the team and Aaron Rodgers are heading for a split. Rodgers, 39, met with the New York Jets brass earlier this week. Now, Murphy has confirmed that the two sides are planning to split.

"Yeah, I mean unless, if things don't work out the way we [the Packers] want them, yeah, we would. He [Rodgers] is obviously a great player," Murphy said, per CBS Sports. Since Rodgers is still under the contract with the Packers, the Jets needed Green Bay to give them permission to speak with the star quarterback.

Murphy also confirmed that they gave the Jets the permission to speak with Rodgers. "We did give them [the Jets] permission [to talk directly to Rodgers]. But I really can't get into the details, and we are just really hopeful that we can reach a resolution that works not only for Aaron, but for us," Murphy confirmed.

Murphy: We hope for the best for us and Rodgers

The Jets are in the hunt for a veteran quarterback and it was expected that they would go after Rodgers if he became available. The moment the Jets were given the permission to speak with Rodgers, they got on the work.

Rodgers has been with the Packers since he arrived to the NFL in 2005. But Rodgers won't be spending his entire career with the Packers. "It's a situation [letting Rodgers talk to the Jets] where I think we [the Packers] wanted to help Aaron achieve what he wanted, as well as the Packers.

Hopefully it'll create a situation where it's a win for both sides. We'd love to have it resolved by the start of free agency," Murphy added. The Jets feel they have a deep roster but just need a proven quarterback. Rodgers is someone who has a Super Bowl win in his resume and he has also won multiple NFL MVPs.

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