Dez Bryant: Always issue when Black player like Lamar Jackson needs to get paid

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Dez Bryant: Always issue when Black player like Lamar Jackson needs to get paid

Dez Bryant suggests that the Baltimore Ravens have a hard time paying Lamar Jackson because he is a Black quarterback. After failing to reach an agreement on a new deal with Jackson prior to the start of free agency, the Ravens placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson.

Now, Jackson is eligible to speak with other teams and see how much other teams are willing to pay him. If another team offer Jackson a contract, the Ravens will have the chance to match it. In case an offer comes and the Ravens don't match it, they will receive two first-round picks.

Bryant rips the Ravens over the Jackson contract safa

“I’m sorry and I’m ready to accept all of the s--- talking that’s going to come with what I’m about to say. What I dislike heavy about the NFL whenever guys like Lamar Jackson and other black athletes perform past their contracts it’s always a problem whenever it times to be paid, don’t draft the player if the character is such a concern.

NFL needs to understand is an investment on both sides and the player usually lose at the end. Pay Lamar what he deserves and stopped the madness," Bryant tweeted.

In September, it was reported that the Ravens offered Jackson a $250 million deal with $133 million guaranteed.

After the 2022 season ended, there were reports suggesting that the guaranteed money aspect was preventing Jackson from signing a new deal. In late February, Jackson's camp reached out to ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith and told him the Ravens never offered more than $133 million in guaranteed money.

"But I just want to make sure that I'm clear about I'm echoing what Lamar Jackson's camp said, because they reached out to me personally yesterday. A) They have never asked for a fully guaranteed contract. B) The number that the Baltimore Ravens stopped at was $133 million guaranteed," Smith said on ESPN's First Take in late February.