Cowboys vice president on Dak Prescott's future in Dallas: We can win with him

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Cowboys vice president on Dak Prescott's future in Dallas: We can win with him

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones says he is confident the Cowboys can win with Dak Prescott as their quarterback. Prescott, who has been the Cowboys' starting quarterback since 2016, has yet to lead the team to their first Super Bowl win in nearly 30 years.

This past season, the Cowboys entered the year believing this would be their year. But it wasn't as the Cowboys suffered a loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round. In that game, Prescott threw two interceptions and some felt he was to blame for their playoff exit.

"I've got all the faith in the world we can win this thing with Dak. Because we know him. We know what he's about. His leadership skills are undeniable. Impeccable work ethic. Other than he hadn't won some key playoff games, he's everything you want in a quarterback.

From the day he walked in the door, he's won a lot of games. We just got to get over the hump," Jones told ESPN.

The Cowboys believe in Prescott

After the 2022 season ended, the Cowboys decided to make some changes as Kellen Moore is not anymore their offensive coordinator.

Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys' head coach, will take over the offensive playcalling duties and the team's offense is expected to look at least a bit different in 2023. "I just think it's some of it's the fundamentals, how you block it, how you coordinate and marry the run game to the pass game, what your pass game is philosophically, what your run game is philosophically.

I think people will notice. Now, we've been a good offensive football team. That's the scary part. But we just hadn't been able to make the plays when it got right down to it in the playoffs," Jones explained. It remains to be seen if Prescott can lead the Cowboys to the Promised Land in 2023.

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