Jets told Derek Carr he 'could be first ballot Hall of Famer' if he comes to New York

Carr visited with the Jets this past weekend.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jets told Derek Carr he 'could be first ballot Hall of Famer' if he comes to New York

The New York Jets reportedly told free agent quarterback Derek Carr he could become a first ballot Hall of Famer if he comes to New York and achieves success there, per ESPN's Dianna Russini. Carr, who was recently released by the Las Vegas Raiders, visited with the Jets this past weekend.

This offseason, the Jets are hoping to sign a veteran quarterback who could make them a playoff team. "[The Jets] made it super personal too, they said 'We believe if you come to New York and win, you could be a first ballot Hall of Famer,'" ESPN's Russini reported.

What would the Jets get in Carr?

Carr, 31, is a four-time Pro Bowler and has four seasons with over 4,000 yards.

In his nine seasons with the Raiders, Carr didn't clinch a single playoff win. Carr has a solid resume but he is definitely not someone who is even close to making the Hall of Fame. The Jets feel they have a complete team but just need a quarterback to elevate the team to a new level.

When it comes to Carr, he said earlier this month that he wants to sign somewhere where he can win a Super Bowl. “I just want to win. There’s a lot of teams that want to win. I’m just looking for teams that have made that decision consistently, that they’ll continually choose to do whatever it takes to put a winning program out there.

And so, for me, I just wanna win a championship. That’s at the forefront of my mind. It’s not money. It’s not this; it’s not that. I just want to win. I’ve thrown for the yards. I have the records. I’ve done the Pro Bowls.

It’s fun, and I’m thankful for all of it. But, as you guys have known me, that’s not at all why I do it. I want to win a championship. So that’s on the forefront. That doesn’t guarantee wherever I go to we can automatically do it, but I’m just trying to find the place where I have the best chance possible," Carr said.

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