Derek Carr, Josh McDaniels were not on same page of how to run Raiders offense

Last week, the Raiders officially released Carr after nine seasons.

by Dzevad Mesic
Derek Carr, Josh McDaniels were not on same page of how to run Raiders offense

Former NFL quarterback David Carr revealed that his brother Derek Carr and Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels didn't agree on certain things regarding how to run the offense, which led to the split. With two regular season games left on the Raiders' schedule, the Raiders decided to send Derek Carr home.

On February 14th, the Raiders officially released Carr, who was the team's starting quarterback for nine seasons. When the Raiders hired former New England Patriots offensive coordinator McDaniels to be their new head coach, the hope was that Carr and the rest of the team would benefit a lot from it on the offensive side.

But that wasn't the case as the Raiders didn't even make the playoffs and Carr is no longer with the team. "It's been a tough scenario. I think the biggest thing for Derek is, why it didn't work out with the Las Vegas Raiders -- he was excited at the beginning [with] Josh McDaniels -- but there was just a difference of opinion as far as how to run offensive football and how to play offensive football.

When you're a veteran quarterback, you've got veteran guys, they want some control at the line of scrimmage, they want to be able to utilize their superpower," David Carr revealed on NFL Total Access, per CBS Sports.

David Carr: McDaniels didn't allow my brother to change plays

"He wants to get to the line, decipher what the defense is doing, get in an appropriate play and that skill wasn't utilized in Las Vegas under Josh McDaniels And that's fine, there's nothing wrong with that," David added.

The Raiders are now in search of a new starting quarterback, while Carr is in search of a new team. Carr is a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback and there will definitely be a market for him. Earlier this month, Carr said that he wants to go somewhere where he can compete for a Super Bowl. The New Orleans Saints and New York Jets are among the team that have been reported to have interest in Carr.

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