Super Bowl LVII: how much technology for the sporting event of the year

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Super Bowl LVII: how much technology for the sporting event of the year

Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia will challenge in the Super Bowl LVII. The match will be filmed in High Dynamic Range (HDR) at 1080p and the signal will be upscaled to broadcast in 4K for fans with TVs that support it.

Fox Sports has already successfully aired five playoff games in 4K, including the NFC Championship Game. Of the 94 cameras at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, 32 are high frame rate HDR, 12 of which are 4K or higher. Sony will provide most of the equipment, but some specialty cameras are made by other companies like Dream Chip, Astro, and Marshall Electronics.

The footage will be fed in real time into a program known as XtraMotion, which uses artificial intelligence to slow down the recorded frames to any speed. This can be especially helpful on crucial plays near the sidelines and in the run-up to a touchdown.

Match commentators, as well as fans equipped with tech visors, will visit Fox's new augmented reality studio. Fox, the US television network that according to the traditional alternation between networks will broadcast the Super Bowl in the United States, will earn over 500 million dollars in the Halftime Show, from advertising revenues, while at halftime Rihanna will return to perform live after more than five years from his last show.

Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles finished the regular season with 14 wins apiece and only 3 losses. They then entered the playoffs first in their conferences and maintained these records also in the playoffs, where Kansas City eliminated Jacksonville and Cincinnati, while Philadelphia surpassed the New York Giants and then San Francisco.

Philadelphia will return to play a Super Bowl five years after the one won in 2018, as a big underdog, against the New England Patriots. Of that victory, moreover the first for Philadelphia, the story of Nick Foles is often remembered, a backup quarterback who had to replace the injured owner, Carson Wentz, and did so by leading the team to the Super Bowl victory.

Kansas City will play its third Super Bowl in the last four years. In its history it has won two, the last of which in 2020. In 2020, the year of the Super Bowl won against San Francisco, quarterback Patrick Mahomes is linked to Kansas City with a ten-year contract and an expected compensation of over 500 million dollars.