Deebo Samuel: With healthy Brock Purdy, we would have easily beaten Eagles

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Deebo Samuel: With healthy Brock Purdy, we would have easily beaten Eagles

Deebo Samuel insists he is fully confident that the San Francisco 49ers would have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game had quarterback Brock Purdy stayed healthy. Midway through the first quarter of the NFC Championship Game, 49ers quarterback Purdy suffered a UCL injury.

From that moment, 49ers' offense stalled and the Eagles blew out the 49ers 31-7. "Just look how well our defense was actually playing, keeping Jalen [Hurts] in the pocket, which he doesn't like to do at all. So the [Eagles] offense wasn't doing anything.

Our defense was doing what they were supposed to and I feel like if Brock was in as our quarterback and how our offense moves, I don't think it would have been close," Samuel said on Sirius XM's "Mad Dog Sports Radio", via CBS Sports.

When asked directly if the 49ers would have won in double digits had Purdy stayed healthy, Samuel said: "Yea, like we beat everybody else."

Samuel: It's not sour grapes at all

Also, Samuel added he wasn't making those claims just because they easily lost to the Eagles.

"It's not sour grapes at all. It's just what I see every day. I'm not salty at all, I just speak facts," Samuel added. Since NFC Championship Game, several 49ers players have publicly said they would have beaten the Eagles had their quarterback stayed healthy.

A couple of days ago, 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk said he would have bet all of his money on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. As a pro NFL player, Aiyuk is not allowed to bet on NFL games. "Hypothetically speaking, if I were going to bet on this game, I'd go take everything that I own, get it in cash and put my money on the Kansas City Chiefs," Aiyuk said.

Last year, the 49ers were beaten in the NFC Championship Game by the Los Angeles Rams, who later won the Super Bowl.