Lawrence Taylor: Joe Montana is my pick for GOAT, not Tom Brady

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Lawrence Taylor: Joe Montana is my pick for GOAT, not Tom Brady

NFL Hall of Fame outside linebacker Lawrence Taylor believes Joe Montana deserves to be considered the greatest player of all time ahead of Tom Brady. Brady, who announced his retirement from the NFL last week, won seven Super Bowls during his career - no player has ever won more Super Bowls.

Montana, a former four-time Super Bowl champion, retired from the NFL in 1994. Taylor, who played in the NFL during Montana's playing days, believes the NFL and defenses were much tougher during their days. "Joe Montana is still my man.

Still my man. You say greatest quarterbacks ever, I'm still with Joe Montana. I'm not going with Tom Brady. Listen, Tom Brady got all the rules on his side. You can't touch him. You can't touch him. If you hit him, if you breathe on him, they're gonna throw a flag.

I don't understand how he drops back eight yards, and he sits in a little cocoon, and they're not sending people at him. Why is the defense not sending people? Man, let me tell you something. If I'm playing, I'm hitting him every play.

Even if I had to just pat him on the ass, I was right there beside you, brother," Taylor said on the I Am Athlete podcast, per CBS Sports.

Many have Brady as their pick for the GOAT

During his illustrious career, Brady won seven Super Bowls, was a Super Bowl MVP five times and twice was the NFL Offensive Player of the Year.

Brady's resume is one of the most fascinating things in all sports but his Super Bowl record is what stands out. In his 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, Brady collected six Super Bowl wins. Then, Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won his seventh Super Bowl to prove that he was able to win outside of New England. Many believe that Brady has done enough to be considered the greatest NFL player of all time.

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