Davante Adams on if he wants Aaron Rodgers again as his QB: 100 percent

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Davante Adams on if he wants Aaron Rodgers again as his QB: 100 percent

Davante Adams has made it perfectly clear that he would absolutely love to have Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback once again. The Las Vegas Raiders are moving on from Derek Carr, while there are strong rumors about Rodgers and Green Bay splitting this offseason.

“A million percent. A hundred percent, that’s exactly what I’m trying to portray," Adams said, per Pro Football Talk. The Raiders will need a new starting quarterback for 2023 and Adams has no doubt who he would like have as his new quarterback.

“Would I be interested in having Aaron Rodgers throw to me? Yes. I would love that. I would love to have that, and obviously, that would be a dream scenario. One that I’m very familiar with. There’s a lot of conversations to be had, still, in the near future.

We’ll see what happens, but that’s obviously something I’d go in and talk about," Adams explained.

Adams, Rodgers were a formidable duo

During their time together in Green Bay, Adams and Rodgers formed one of the most formidable duos in the NFL.

After Adams left the Packers, many were concerned that Rodgers' numbers would decline. This season, Rodgers' number did decline and it was evident that his numbers weren't as usual. Meanwhile, Adams didn't have a bad season statistically but he and Carr were not as dangerous as Adams and Rodgers were.

In the past two offseasons, Rodgers took some time before ultimately deciding to continue his career. After the Packers' 2022 season ended, Rodgers again said he would take his time before deciding his next move. But the difference now is that the Packers don't seem that really interested in having Rodgers as their starting quarterback anymore.

The Raiders will start their search for a new quarterback shortly after the Super Bowl and Rodgers will probably explore the idea of trading for Rodgers.

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