Anonymous Buccaneers player: Tom Brady sounded like he was saying us goodbye

Brady is 45 but the general expectation is that he will return for the 2023 season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Anonymous Buccaneers player: Tom Brady sounded like he was saying us goodbye

Two anonymous Tampa Bay Buccaneers players have told NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport that they feel Tom Brady is leaving the Buccaneers. On Monday, the Buccaneers exited the playoffs following a 31-14 defeat against the Dallas Cowboys.

Brady, who is 45 years old, is becoming a free agent this offseason. But according to the latest report, it doesn't seem that Brady will be continuing his career with the Buccaneers, if he does decide to continue playing.

"I'd be surprised if he's back," one Buccaneers player said, per the NFL website. Meanwhile, another Buccaneers player said: "He sounded like a person saying goodbye for good."

Will Brady play in 2023 and where?

12 months ago, Brady retired from the NFL after 22 seasons.

Just 40 days later, Brady had a change of heart and decided to return. After the Buccaneers' ended their 2022 season, Brady was asked whether anything felt different compared to how he felt 12 months ago. Brady didn't say much as he simply said that he felt like a player who had just his season come to an end.

"It just feels like the end of the season. I just want to say thank you guys for everything you did this year. I really appreciate all your effort. I know it's hard for you guys. I know it's hard for us players to make it through.

You guys got a tough job, and I appreciate all you guys do to cover us, and everyone who watches and is a big fan of the sport -- we're very grateful for everyone's support. I love this organization. It's a great place to be," Brady said after the Buccaneers' playoff exit.

The general expectation is that Brady will continue his career. However, it has been reported for weeks that Brady will be playing on a different team in 2023. In the offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders are parting ways with quarterback Derek Carr and they have been mentioned as the one team that will strongly pursuit Brady.

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